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A platform for The Party of Personal Freedom

E-Newsletter No. 31________July 2016

In a few weeks, both major political parties will hold their conventions – – the Republicans in Cleveland on July 18-21, and the Democrats in Philadelphia on July 25-28. Unfortunately, once the parties’ conventions are over, our country’s citizens will be subjected to several months of negative television commercials regarding the personality and trustworthiness of the two major parties’ presidential candidates.

Our Editorial Board agrees that the trustworthiness of the individuals who are running for president is an important issue. However, we believe it is even more important that our country’s citizens have a constructive conversation about the underlying principles of the two major political parties regarding the size and scope and proper role of the federal government. To that end, we have added a new Conversation Piece on our website that puts forward a platform that would move the country towards a new and better “desired state” – – the Founders’ original idea of limited government. Let’s call it the platform of The Party of Personal Freedom –

We believe the most important question for the 2016 election is – – Do we want an even bigger, constantly expanding, more intrusive federal government? Or do we want individual liberties and personal freedom?

US Debt Clock – – June 1st – $59,569 per citizen / July 1st – $59,640