The foundation upon which the US government is  built is spelled out in the US Constitution. Our citizens’ primary unalienable rights are  specified in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, commonly referred to as The Bill of Rights. We have provided links below.

The Constitution of the United States

The Bill of Rights

The US Constitution, along with all of its  amendments, represents the current “social contract” between our country’s citizens and our federal government. Because our Foundation supports evolutionary  change, we support working through the political process to change the things within this contract that need to be  fixed.

Interestingly, our Editorial Board has found  very few things within the current written contract that need to be fixed.  However, we also find that the country is faced with urgent profound issues that the general public agrees need to get fixed.

So….. What prevents the country from being  able to effectively move forward in solving these problems within the existing structure? Our Editorial Board believes that the current  state of the “political process” is under significant distress (commonly referred to as “gridlock”), due to a number of issues that need to be addressed. We believe the political process can be improved by addressing the following topics:
-Term Limits
-The role(s) of the US government and the level  of federal spending
-Tax Reform (Tax Rationalization and Federal Tax Reduction)
-By addressing these issues, we can move  forward with solving the US government’s Annual Deficit, which is simply the difference between the US government’s spending (outflows) versus the US government’s revenues (inflows from taxes)

The “Conversation Pieces” that we  have posted within this website have been written to put forth our Foundation’s ideas (and to solicit additional ideas) regarding the best  policies to be pursued, to  move us toward a better “desired state”. We fully expect that the political and policy  recommendations supported by our Foundation will evolve over time based on your input, so we encourage your feedback and suggestions – – your personal participation in the conversation(s) and the Foundation’s process.

The 20th Century has been characterized as  being the “American Century”. The United States has been one of the most  prosperous (and yes, most powerful) nations in the world, and  at the same time, our citizens have enjoyed the most personal freedoms  anywhere in the world. This has been accomplished primarily because  of the solid foundation(s) upon which our country was founded.

However, we have strayed away from a number of  our core values, including replacing “personal responsibility” with “government programs”. Our Editorial Board believes that we must make  the necessary changes, so that we can return to those policies that enhance mutual & balanced prosperity, and maximize personal freedoms.

Contact Information for US Senators

Contact Information for Congressional Representatives


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