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Why Mitt Romney’s Comments About the 47% Were Not Correct
Tax Reform (Tax Rationalization and Federal Tax Reduction)
Government Spending – What The US Government Should (and Should Not) Do
Tax Reform / Tax Simplification
Social Security – a Ponzi Scheme(?) (No)
Medicare and Universal Health Care Coverage
Who is Working for Who?
The US Government’s Assets and Debts
The Annual Deficit and the current Cumulative Debt – The Timetable for the “Work out”
Governmental (i.e., “Public”) Pension Obligations
The Political Process / Gridlock
Term Limits and Campaign Finance Reform
“Don’t Tread on Me” // There ought to be a law (or not) 
The (New) Federalist Papers
Capitalism, Communism and “Socialism”
Liberalism and Conservatism
The Declaration of Independence – Taxation Without Representation / Taxation With Representation
The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights
1984 in 2013
Welfare Reform
Closing Thoughts and the Foundation’s Agenda
A Letter to Senator Bernie Sanders regarding Social Security
The 2020 Initiative
Fair versus Unfortunate
A Right versus A Personal Responsibility
Thomas Paine and Common Sense
The US Constitution Article 1 Section 8
Pearls of Wisdom
The Party of Personal Freedom
The 2016 Republican Party Platform
The 2016 Democratic Party Platform
Healthcare Re-Visited
Welfare Reform Re-Visited
Other Thoughts on Personal Responsibility
Other Musings
The 2020 Initiative eBook
The F2PPR Website eBook

2 thoughts on “Join the Conversation

  1. I agree that the whole concept of intergenerational debt is immoral. I live in Illinois, and not only do we have the US government debt problem, but we also have the Illinois public pensions (unfunded debt) problem. I looked back to when my granddaughter was born in December 2011. The “on book” US debt stood at $15.1 trillion and the US population was 312 million people, and therefore my granddaughter came into the world owing over $48,000 for her share of the US debt. Now don’t get me wrong – I give a lot of credit to the efforts and sacrifices of previous generations. She lives in a country that is (generally) free of Nazi influences, and she does own a small piece of some interstate highways and a few US aircraft carriers, so it’s OK that she owes something to her great-grandfather’s generation. However, what is truly immoral is that two years after her birth, her share of the US debt has increased to over $53,000. In addition, because of the Illinois public pension system, she owes in excess of $7,600 for that debacle, too. Luckily the Illinois public pension problem is only growing by $17 million per day, which equates to only about $1.32 per day per Illinois citizen. (Yes, that’s sarcasm).

    It seems that our elected officials feel it is OK to implement new government programs, without regard to the funding for those programs (except by using OPM). My granddaughter hasn’t had a say (yet) on how other people have spent her money. Hopefully, by the time she’s eligible to vote, we will have corrected these wrongs, and our governmental units will operate responsibly, and spend less than what they collect in taxes.

  2. Speaking from California, we have many of the same issues you have in Illinois: Too much government spending, huge public pension obligations, and a mountain of debt. We have a one-party (Democratic) state in Sacramento, and we are not making progress reversing course. Sacramento has piled on the federal system to create a one-two punch socking each person or a family who is responsible, works hard, and pays the bills. The mountain of public debt could discourage even the most resilient person. Our young people have little or no choice in this but to face paying down the debt, or leaving California. Thank you for calling attention to this, and for providing this forum. Our efforts and prayers will reverse this course and correct these problems for our children.

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