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Other Thoughts on Personal Responsibility

E-Newsletter No. 46 _______ October 2017

Just a short newsletter this month – we are providing the following link to another new Conversation Piece on our Foundation’s website entitled Other Thoughts on Personal Responsibility –

In addition to promoting the concept of personal responsibility, our Editorial Board also believes in the concepts of Opportunity for All and Favoritism to None. This is where the federal government’s focus should be.

Unfortunately, the Left supports Big Government and intrusive regulations that diminish Opportunities for All. The Socialists of the Left condemn corporations (along with successful, wealthy individuals) as being the source of all evil in society. But here is a fundamental question – – If corporations and other businesses are not the means by which our citizens receive goods and services, who is going to provide the jobs (and opportunities) that people need in order to have a meaningful purpose in life? Of course, the Socialists’ default answer is “Big (more) Government”. But history has shown that Socialism doesn’t work – a government does not and cannot create wealth – it can only re-distribute wealth.

Having said that…. It is very true that a very significant problem exists – – Corruption occurs under “crony capitalism”. However, this corruption is oftentimes due to collusion between career politicians and special interest groups, and this collusion violates the concept of “Favoritism to None.”

The federal government was established to militarily defend the country as a whole, and to protect our citizen’s rights. Period. (Please re-read the Tenth Amendment). When the federal government attempts to expand beyond this limited role, bad things begin to happen. Forrest Gump (and his mom) were fond of saying “Stupid is as stupid does”. Unfortunately, the federal government is currently doing a lot of stupid things.

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We close this month’s newsletter with a sobering piece of news, which should come as no surprise to the members of our Foundation. Our federal government’s finances are on an unsustainable path, and unfortunately this past month, our country passed a new threshold. The federal government’s cumulative debt now stands in excess of $20 trillion (and continues to rise)…

US Debt Clock – – September 1st – $61,330 per citizen / October 1st – $61,981