Ranking the Seven Deadly Sins

E-Newsletter No. 50 ______ February 2018

So, what could be more pertinent to the discussion about Personal Responsibility, other than a review of the Seven Deadly Sins? As we pondered that question, our Editorial Board does agree with the list of the Seven sins, but we have determined that most of them do have certain positive aspects. We also took a shot at ranking them from “worst” to “least worst”.

Gluttony – OK, it’s hard to find any positive aspects about this one. As we discussed in our Conversation Piece entitled Healthcare Re-Visited, we make the case that healthcare is simply and primarily a Personal Responsibility. And we take issue with the Left’s tactic of trying to make a case that healthcare is somehow a “right” instead of a Personal Responsibility. The political debate is really about who should pay for whose health insurance policy.

Envy – We have run across references where Envy is oftentimes ranked as being the “most deadly” of the Seven Deadly Sins. We generally agree. It was a close contest, but this one doesn’t top Gluttony, because there is at least one redeeming aspect. Maybe Envy can spur someone into action to take Personal Responsibility to improve their own lot in life (rather than simply be envious).

Sloth – OK, so Sloth is another one that doesn’t seem to have very many redeeming qualities. But sometimes it’s OK to just sit back and chill out. Plus, this one is generally a “victimless crime”. But maybe sometimes a person just doesn’t want to work, and so they engage in Disability Fraud.

Wrath – This one is in the top part of the list, because it can lead to all kinds of violence (i.e., Antifa) and other kinds of deadly actions / sins. But Wrath is potentially useful if it leads to moral outrage, which can then be channeled to positive purposes.

Lust – Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, Al Franken, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, Roy Moore…. So, are we all disgusted enough yet, or should we try to finish the rest of this list? This deadly sin isn’t specific to any particular industry or political party. It should also be noted that Lust is not exclusively “gender specific” either. And [ this might be a bit of a stretch ] maybe Lust is needed to help perpetuate the species.

Greed – The Left is probably going to go nuts with this ranking. Shouldn’t this one be at the very top of the list? Our Editorial Board agrees that Greed belongs among the Seven sins, especially when it leads to either thievery or corruption. However, “Greed is good” according to Gordon Gekko in the 1987 film Wall Street. Plus, it’s an interesting debate as to what has been a better driver of civilization’s progress – – Is it “altruism” or “greed” / entrepreneurialism?

Pride – Wikipedia points out that Pride carries two antithetical meanings. Pride is one of the Seven sins if it leads to a foolish sense of one’s personal value or status. But this one is at the bottom of the list, because everyone should take Pride in their work and accomplishments.

US Debt Clock – – January 1st – $62,996 per citizen / February 1st – $63,044

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