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Our Editorial Board recognizes the following  fact – – America is continuing to become a more diverse country. This  diversity includes not only ethnic diversity, but also cultural (i.e., “values”) diversity. We  applaud this diversity – we view this as a natural by-product of being one of  the most prosperous countries in the world, with substantial  (and unalienable) personal freedoms.  People want to live here. However, this diversity also contributes to much of the  “noise” within the public discourse and has a significant effect on the country’s political process.

We also recognize that there are not any  “absolutes” in regards to many of these social issues, and that in most  cases, there is no single “absolutely right” or single  “absolutely wrong” answer to the issue.

Our “Join the Conversation” page  includes our Editorial Board’s thoughts on a number of current social issues. Our Editorial Board’s belief is that the  conversation on a number of social issues can be conducted within the context of personal responsibility (and personal rights, choices and  freedoms) versus a government program.

As noted elsewhere, our Editorial Board does not feel that there are any major changes that need to be made to the social contract between our country’s citizens and our federal government (the US Constitution)  other than Term Limits.

Accordingly, the members of our Editorial  Board are strong supporters of the Bill of Rights

– The  First Amendment, which addresses religious freedoms, freedom of speech and  the Press, and the Rights of the citizenry to assemble and petition the government to address any grievances
– The  Second Amendment, which addresses the Right to bear arms
– The  Fourth Amendment, which addresses the Rights of the citizenry to be secure  against unreasonable searches and seizures
– And  the Tenth Amendment, which specifies that powers not delegated to the US  government by the Constitution, are reserved to the states and (as applicable) to the people themselves.

In regards to the Tenth Amendment, you will  note on the “Join the Conversation” page that our Editorial Board has  put forth a number of Conversation Pieces on what the scope of the US  government should be, and what should be moved to the states, or to local governmental units, or the  private sector, or be  addressed by personal responsibility (rather than another government program).

Our Editorial Board believes that the country  is currently where we’re at (at this point in time in our history) and we got here with the “best of intentions”. Do we need to fix some things? Yes (this is what the political process is all about). Are there any “absolute right(s)”  and “absolute wrong(s)”? No – But the country needs to make some tough decisions (now, not  later) in order to move towards a better “desired state”. Do each of us have a personal responsibility  to participate in the process?  Our  Editorial Board believes so.

Please Join the Conversation…..

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